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Julie Weber

Atlantic Beach, FL
Over 30 years ago, Insigniam pioneered the field of organizational
transformation and breakthrough performance. In the three decades since, executives of large and complex organizations around the world have called upon Insigniam to support their enterprise to produce outcomes that are critical, necessary, and unprecedented given the history of the organization and its current skills, resources, performance record, and circumstances. We support Breakthrough Projects, innovation, rapid work redesign, transformational leadership, enabling successful change, and enterprise transformation.Think newly. Act differently. Unquestionably, you will produce a new order
of results. Insigniam’s methodology is that forthright.
Performance is not simply a matter of knowledge, competency, ability, or
rewards. If it were, millions of people who know exactly what to do to get
projects done on time would deliver them on time, legions of managers who know what to do to manage change would be delivering successful change initiatives, and all the executives who know what to do to lead their enterprises would have high performing enterprises. And, yet that is not what is actually happening. Unfortunately, knowing what to do and having skills to do it does not always deliver breakthrough or transformational results.
Perhaps more decisively, performance is determined by the background of beliefs, assumptions, traditions, rules, and presuppositions that form our frame of reference. This context determines how we see the world, how we think, and therefore, how we act. Insigniam consulting is unique in that we address these potent, and, at times, unseen influences as the starting point for delivering breakthrough performance.